South Indian Menu 2024

From on-site cooking to set up and serving to post event clean-up, Hungry Indian’s food team will take care of everything that you need to make your party a grand success. From appetisers to fingerfood, from cocktail snacks to delectable main course dishes, mouth-watering desserts and authentic South Indian drinks - Hungry Indian’s professional caterers can help you design the most perfect menu with the flavours and aromas of South India showcased at the centre. Hot food cooked at your event venue will be served graciously to your guests by our professional service team. Our professionals will also arrange for a professional cleaning and pack-up of theevent venue to ensure you don’t have to worry about it after your party ends.All in all, the Hungry Indian Team is here to take the entire responsibility of your event’s food and service off your shoulders so that you can have a great time hosting and greeting your guests.

South Indian catering from Hungry Indian - why?

Singapore, being the highly diversified and globalised city that it is, offers a huge variety of options if you are looking to hire a catering service to take care of your guests during a party.

So why should you consider the Hungry Indian Team to cater your next event?

Here is a list that will surely convince you to hire us!

As part of our South Indiancatering services, you get:

  • Authentic flavours and dishes from South India
  • Professional service staff that will serve food to your guests with love.
  • On-site and off-site cooking options
  • Food parcel services (in case you wish to serve your guests with packed food)
  • Classy service set-up with amazing food presentation
  • Hygienically prepared food and well maintained cutlery
  • Professional staff and client support
  • Flexibility in services
  • Dedication to ensure your party is a grand success

South Indian catering from Hungry Indian - how?

You can hire the best South Indian catering team in Singapore for handling your next event with just a few simple steps.

Check out our catering packages and get in touch with our representatives today!

The Hungry Indian Team will be proud to be your partner in your upcoming party!