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Welcome to the world of authentic North Indian Catering in Singapore - brought to you by Hungry Indian.

Hungry Indian Catering - North Indian specialties

Take a moment to paint a mental picture - what comes to your mind when you think about North Indian food? Sizzling spicy veggies.. Rich and decadent curries.. Soft and tasty paneer.. Crumbly naans and parathas with heaps of butter and ghee.. A generous serving of Halwa or Kheer with a rich topping of dry fruits and garnish..or fragrant basmati rice with saffron flavouring. North Indian cuisine offers such a humungous variety of dishes that people say one lifetime isn’t enough to try them all. Every dish is better than the next and every delicacy has something unique to excite your taste buds. And The Hungry Indian Team can serve the awesomeness of North Indian food for your next event through our premier catering services! Come sit with us, plan a menu and prepare to ensnare your guests with the taste and aroma of authentic dishes from back home. The Hungry Indian Team will be happy to serve you with the best quality North Indian catering services and top-notch dishes right here in Singapore!

Hungry IndianCatering - The decision to hire us

Placing your trust into catering team is a tough decision. They say that no matter what you do right or wrong in an event,as long as the food being served is good enough, the guests will remember it as a memorable and enjoyable experience. Then there is the fact of Indian food - not everyone can get it right. Considering it all,your apprehensions and anxiety for hiring a Singapore based caterer for serving North Indian dishes in your upcoming event are totally justified. And we at Hungry Indian are genuinely ‘hungry’ for a chance to prove our worth to you!

Trust us when we say that our North Indian catering services will make your event a grand success.

How, you may ask?

  • We serve authentic, delectable and flavourful North Indian dishes that your guests will love eating
  • We offer an all-inclusive package including set-up, professional service and post event clean-up
  • We offer North Indian catering in Singapore at the most competitive rates ever!

Don’t hesitate anymore! Get in touch with The Hungry Indian team and start planning your next event.

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