What is Hungry Indian catering all about - It is mastering the art of serving happiness on a plate! The bold Asian flavours of food cultivated to a level of allure that your guests will not be able to keep their hands off their Bento box - this is what we are capable of delivering. Food is all about happiness, satisfaction and simple pleasures indelectable bites and can only be enjoyed when those eating it are genuinely excited about what they are having. And when the Hungry Indian team, with its fantastic cooking and food presentation skills can give you exactly such delight, packed and served with love and a smile.

The Hungry Indian bento style services

When you hire us to serve food to you and your guests, you get a trusted partner that is dedicated to pleasing and satisfying your guests and making your event memorable.

As part of our bento set catering solutions, we promise to:

  • Deliver high quality dishes
  • Reliable bento style serving
  • Flexible menus and food combinations
  • Cooking professionals who are open for innovation and looking for a challenge
  • Serving and delivery services to match your specific needs
  • Well rounded bento-box meal covering all necessary food groups
  • Affordable bento style catering services

The Hungry Indian bento style quality

When in Singapore, you can definitely find ahuge variety of service providers to provide you with catering solutions in bento sets. So why would you think about hiring the Hungry Indian team? The answer is simple - we put love in our food. At our business’ core, we truly and whole heartedly believe that cooking and serving food to people is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet. And our love for what we do will shine through in the bento food sets that we will serve to your guests. Dishes prepared and served with a smile is what Hungry Indian catering is all about and we do with a quality and hygiene guarantee that is unparalleled in the industry. From the start to the culmination of your requirements, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your guests are served in exactly the way that you had envisioned in your mind.

At Hungry Indian, we are ‘hungry’ to win your heart over with delectable food served in the best quality bento sets.

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