Hungry Indian Catering! Offering astounding Catering services in Singapore which are prominent in its best Indian cuisine .We bring all kinds of delicious Indian catering to ensure the wonderful success to your party. Hungry Indian catering will inject a new life into the Indian and international catering market, leveraging chef culinary skills to develop creative new catering options in a healthier way.  Our Chef’s advanced skills and cooking method will enable us to deliver healthier food.

Appetizing food with attractive aroma of the foodstuff and perfect hygiene factor is our priority.   Our passion is to provide high quality service as per the customer’s desire. Great food is something we offer.

Run by team with 10 years of catering experience, you will be guided throughout from ordering till you receive the food. With us you don’t have to fret about the budget concern because our catering services are so cost effective.

We specialize in providing a great catering experience for home events, corporate events, bento sets, veg and non-veg wedding buffets or any other auspicious occasion

We have a huge variety in Indian cuisine like North Indian Catering, South Indian Catering, Vegetarian catering, Bento Sets and High Tea catering; choose the catering according to your desire with minimal price range.

We use the healthier ingredients, cooking oil and preparation methods, thus bringing a healthier meal with great taste as well. Our top priority in this firm is food quality, customer service and healthier options. Relish delicious Indian cuisine and make your guest so pleased!

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